Your Consultation

Your first consultation with us will usually last longer than subsequent sessions.

You will be asked to fill out a Patient Record which asks for general personal details and a brief description of your current symptoms and medical history. During your consultation, we will ask you to expand on details of your current symptoms and any treatment you are currently receiving or have received. We will also need to find out about your general lifestyle including your diet and digestion, sleeping patterns and emotional state. Your pulse will be taken and the quality, rhythm and rate will indicate the functioning of your body's Qi, Blood and vital organs. You will also be asked to show your tongue so that the colour and state of your tongue can be noted. These are all important ways for us to assess the general state of your health and find out where imbalance within your body is occurring.

At the end of your consultation, we will discuss with you the most appropriate forms of TCM treatment. During this time, we will explain to you what is involved and together work out a treatment plan with you that is suited to your personal needs and that fits in with other commitments within your life. Through this partnership, we aim to ensure that you are always personally involved in the healthcare that you receive and help you make the right choices for you to regain wellbeing.