Supplementary Therapies

Supplementary therapies with us are specifically designed to complement the main treatments. These additional therapies are either given by us when you receive your main treatment, or are exercises and advice that we provide you with for you to carry out at home in between treatments. These help you to enhance the overall effect of your therapy and are simple and effective ways of maintaining general health.

Gua Sha

This TCM therapy involves rubbing Chinese herbal massage oil on the body and using a jade bar to stimulate the circulation of Qi and Blood by rubbing it along the surface of the meridians. The skin will immediately feel warm and small red petechiae will appear on the surface of the skin, similar to those experienced in Cupping therapy. Gua Sha restores normal metabolic processes by returning the nutrient supply to the muscles and skin and allowing toxins to be drained from the local area. Because of these actions, Gua Sha is particularly useful in the prevention and treatment of common cold and cough, all types of painful conditions and digestive problems.

Chinese Dietary Therapy

Your health is predominantly defined by the quality and the characteristics of your food. Diet is therefore considered to be an integral part of maintaining one's wellbeing. TCM categorises different types of everyday foods according to their properties and characteristics and Chinese diet therapy is given taking into consideration your overall constitution as well as your condition. Like your main treatment, Lily tailors the dietary therapy to ensure that the advice is directed at your particular problems and specific needs to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit. Dietary therapy is a popular and convenient way of adding on to the effect of your main treatment and can be easily incorporated into your daily routine with minimal effort.

Qi Gong Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Qi Gong is a Chinese breathing and movement technique used for health promotion. Qi Gong literally means 'breathing technique' and co-ordinates concentration combined with a pattern of movements and controlled breathing in order to help the body produce and move Qi.  We can teach you a wide range of Qi Gong exercises that are often used for reducing stress, maintaining health and helping the body heal in illness. These exercises are easy to learn, simple to carry out and are an indispensable tool for achieving and maintaining good health.

Specialised Therapeutic Exercises

We provide specific advice on Chinese therapeutic exercises for particular ailments, ranging from frozen shoulder to insomnia. These are a distinctive pattern of exercises which are easily learnt and especially designed for you to carry out at home. Such exercises are therefore an ideal way of ensuring that you can continue the therapy in between consultations when you do not receive treatment.