Keep yourself informed about the latest global research into Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These resources provide useful abstracts and publicly available papers in research journals.   


Provides online articles concerning Chinese medicine treatment for certain disorders, Chinese herbal medicine and herbal safety, acupuncture and moxibustion as well as Tibetan, Ayurveda and other Asian medicine systems since 1995.

Publishes clinical trials and case studies written by physicians, detailing Traditional Chinese medical theory as well as Western scientific analyses; abstracts and full articles from each volume since 1998 available.

  • Herb Research Foundation

    Provides science-based information concerning the health and safety of Chinese and Western herbs; publications by order only, no abstracts available.

  • Journal of Chinese Medicine

    Publishes case reports, clinical studies and experiential articles concerning acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine; sample articles from each issue since 1993 and abstracts from the latest issue available.

  • European Journal of Oriental Medicine

    Publishes articles concerning acupuncture within clinical practice as well as current issues concerning education, philosophy and medical anthropology; abstracts since 1992 available only.

  • Acubriefs

    Comprehensive searchable database of references on acupuncture.

  • Foundation for Research into Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Provides annual reports since 2002 summarising outcomes of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine research projects and clinical trials conducted within the UK .

  • Research Council for Complementary Medicine

    Provides general reports on clinical efficacy of complementary medicines and articles since 1999 on current issues surrounding traditional medicines.

  • Acupuncture in Medicine

    Provides professional reports on clinical trials, patient reports and pilot studies on acupuncture in the management of various conditions; sample articles from each issue and abstracts from all issues since November 1995 available.

  • Chinese Medicine Times

    Ejournal for practitioners and students covering all aspects of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.