Your First Consultation


We're proud of our integrated approach to health and will involve you in every decision about the healthcare that you receive with us. 

At your first consultation, we'll ask for details about your condition, your current symptoms, how they came about and the treatments you are currently receiving or have received in the past.  We will also ask about your general lifestyle and wellbeing such as your diet, your stress levels and sleeping patterns.  That's because we're also interested in finding out more about you and whether there are other symptoms that are linked to your problem.  This information can help us see whether other areas may also need attention whilst we are dealing with your primary concern.  Please remember to bring along with you:

  • a completed Patient Record form 
  • results from any relevant blood tests or other medical investigations

Unique to Chinese medicine are pulse and tongue readings that we carry out as part of the consultation.  The quality, rhythm and rate of your pulse, and the colour and state of your tongue are important ways for us to assess the general state of your health and are used to help inform the treatment that we give you.   

At the end of your consultation, we'll discuss with you the most appropriate treatment plan.  We'll also be able to provide you with further information in terms of what you can expect from our treatments and how soon you can see improvements.  A key focus of our treatments is to increase personal awareness of your wellbeing and we will seek to highlight any areas where we feel you could help yourself further to help you make the most out of any treatments you receive with us. 

Our aim is always to work out a plan with you that's suited to your needs, and to ensure that it realistically fits in with other commitments in your life.    

Download a patient record form

Download a patient record form