Lily now offers Couples Fertility Consultations

In response to your requests, Lily now offers 2 hour fertility consultations for couples keen to improve their natural fertility together and who are interested in finding out more about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Lily's fertility patients in the past have suggested that the opportunity for both partners to attend an initial consultation together would be invaluable as it offers the chance for both partners to understand how TCM can help fertility, to ask questions openly regarding concerns about their fertility and to allow couples to work towards improving their fertility as a joint partnership.  Lily hopes that the Couples Fertility Consultations will therefore benefit future fertility patients in their quest for better fertility. 

During the consultation, Lily will take down important details concerning both your fertility medical history, as well as your general wellbeing, work-life balance and dietary habits.  This will allow Lily to make any necessary recommendations that she feels would help with your overall health as well as specifically for your fertility.  In some cases Lily may recommend acupuncture treatments or Chinese herbal medicine, especially if you already have a pre-diagnosed condition affecting your levels of fertility, or if you have already been trying to conceive for some time.   

A Couples Fertility Consultation will include for both partners:

  • A TCM assessment of your fertility levels
  • A TCM assessment of your general wellbeing
  • Pulse and tongue assessment  
  • Recommendations for further biomedical tests or investigations with your GP or gynaecologist if necessary
  • Recommendations for changes in dietary, exercise or other aspects of your lifestyle
  • Recommendations for TCM treatments if applicable to either partner
  • Explanation of how the above recommendations can help your fertility
  • Opportunity for partners to find out more about TCM, to ask questions in an open manner and to find out if and how TCM can help.

Please remember to bring along details of results from previous blood tests or investigations (hormone profiles, sperm analyses) as well as information on assisted reproductive techniques that you have undertaken or are currently undertaking.  Information on any fertility tracking you have been doing such as Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charts will also be very helpful. 

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Couples Fertility Consultations or to book in for you and your partner, please do not hesitate to contact Lily using the Contact form or directly on 07815 885 947.  If you prefer to have an assessment just for yourself, 1 hour fertility consultations are also available - please do enquire for more information and Lily will be able to advise you further.  

Lily Lai