Tui Na and Acupuncture New Year Offers for 2011!

Hurrah, 2011 is here and we hope that, like us, you are raring for a fresh new start!  So to bring in the New Year with you, we are pleased to announce promotions for the following treatments:

50% off Tui Na Sessions

This manual Chinese medical therapy is an energising yet relaxing treatment involving massage and manipulation techniques.  Tui Na can be done fully clothed and without oils if required - and not a single needle in sight - good news for those who might not be suitable for acupuncture such as young children or those who just aren't too keen on needles!  Tui Na is great if you're feeling low on energy, or if you have pain and tension problems such as low back pain or shoulder and neck tension.  Greg is currently offering 50% off all Tui Na treatments throughout January and February 2011 - this means a 1 hour session usually costing £40 will be a steal at just £20.  Read more about this treatment in our Tui Na page. 

£40 Initial Acupuncture Consultations and Treatments 

Have you always thought of trying Acupuncture for those headaches you always get, or for symptoms of stress and anxiety that you just can't seem to get rid of?  As part of the New Year's promotions, Greg is offering £15 off initial Acupuncture consultations for all new patients.  This means a 90 minute consultation and acupuncture session usually costing £55 will be charged at just £40.  So if you've been thinking about having acupuncture for a while, why not make the most of this promotion and drop us a call today!  

For further information about either of these treatments and whether we think they can help you, please get in touch for helpful and friendly advice. 

Both discounts are valid until 28th February so why not give your health a kick boost this year and call us today on 07815 885 947!

Lily Lai