May 31st: Satisfying your Chinese herbal curiosity

Curious about Chinese herbs? Want to find out about how they taste, what they look like and how to use them?

At Revive, we've got taster packs of herbs for you to sample and herbal recipe ideas for you, featuring ingredients which you most probably have growing in your back garden!  We've also started our mini herb garden at Revive with goji berries, lavender and foxglove so ask us today for inspirational ideas on how to use herbs for a healthier way of being! 

Did you know that Chinese herbs are used in Chinese NHS hospitals for helping with symptoms relating to eczema, psoriasis and digestive problems? For more information about herbs and how they can be used in treatments, please visit the Chinese Herbal Medicine page.  If you're interested in speaking to Lily or any one of her team for more advice, please feel free to contact us on: 

07815 885 947

or via our Contact Page to email us. 

Don't forget the Revive Open Day in July is a perfect opportunity to speak to us so please contact us to register your interest for the Open Day and we can make sure we'll get in touch to tell you more! 

Lily Lai