13th October: Singapore and speaking to Chinese medicine practitioners about my study!

Autumn is seriously the time for ramping things up!

I've just returned from a flying visit to Singapore which has in the most part been a lovely and much-needed holiday.  However, I was also fortunate to be able to make a few visits to some of Singapore's key figures in the Chinese medicine clinical and research world.  These visits involved some really stimulating conversation about how different (and similar!) research and clinical practice is between UK and Singapore and to share ideas about future projects and study designs.  One Chinese medicine hospital I visited in the central district sees 8000 patients per day - isn't that phenomenal?  Research funding is pretty tough out there which is much the same for the UK too, but the researchers I met form a superbly enthusiastic group and who share a strong passion for evidence-based Chinese medical research.  I sincerely hope to be meeting this inspirational group of researchers again sometime soon, perhaps back in Singapore or at an upcoming conference!      

Tomorrow I shall be meeting with Chinese medicine practitioners in London to speak about my upcoming research study that will be offering women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Chinese herbs for 6 months.  I found out recently that I secured 5 minutes of floor time at one of the professional body's conferences so I hope I manage to engage some practitioners about my work.  I know it's a PhD but it's not all dull, I promise...!  Hoping to start the study this Winter so watch this space for more updates along the way...!

Lily Lai