Easter Is Coming

Easter is just around the corner!  Whether it be chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, school holidays or a time of religious significance, it’s difficult to miss the impact of Easter on our daily lives (and in the supermarket).  This year Easter will fall on the following dates:

  • 14th April - Good Friday
  • 16th April - Easter Sunday
  • 17th April - Easter Monday

One of the questions I get asked around this time of year is what we can do to lose some of the extra weight that we might gain over the Easter holidays.  It may come as a surprise that hitting the gym harder or even avoiding chocolate isn’t at the top of what I usually advise.   Increasing the intensivity of your exercise suddenly can lead to injuries and avoiding all chocolate is not only a pretty unreasonable expectation but it would also make life pretty boring.  I usually find planning activities and being pro-active is best, so here are three tips that will hopefully be handy for you over the Easter break!

1 Decorate Your Easter Eggs For An Easter Egg Hunt

Make some hard boiled eggs and get decorating.  It's creative, gets you away from the telly and is a great activity for all ages.  Once your eggs are decorated you can put them on display or, for the extra energy boost, organise a small Easter egg hunt around your garden or the local park.  At the Ashridge visitor centre, you can make and decorate your own Easter craft for £2 per craft (Monday 3 – Friday 7 April, 10am – 4pm, no booking needed).

Top Tip:  Check out this great blog post at Brit+Co on 40 Creative Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs. 

2 Fruit Dipped Chocolate Fondue

Instead of eating lots of Easter eggs or big bars of chocolate, why not celebrate with a chocolate fondue party?  This is a great way to get your chocolate fix but also creates an opportunity to get a little more fruit into your diet.  

Top Tip:  Check out this blog post at “Super Healthy Kids” for chocolate fondue recipes and fruit kebabs!

3 Get out and about

There are so many outdoor activities available and to make the most of the long weekend.  Why not go for an afternoon walk with family or friends and walk off some lunch whilst getting some fresh air?  There are plenty of trails to choose from in and around the area but the Bluebell Walk has got to be one of the most popular ones at Ashridge! 

Top Tip:  Check out these listings at “Primary Times” for other activities in the Hertfordshire area that you might find fun and interesting. 

Wishing all of you a very happy and healthy Easter break!