IVF Support

"I was given Lily's phone number after a friend had recommended her when she herself was going through fertility treatment with Lily. I was going to have my third and final attempt of IVF treatment and had read about acupuncture being helpful alongside it. I was getting a lot of anxiety on the run up to the treatment cycle and also because I knew in the back of my mind that this would be the last attempt my husband and I would go through.

Lily was fantastically supportive throughout the treatment cycle and offered alot of insight and extra advice which the consultants had not mentioned in my previous IVF treatments. I felt completely looked after and calmer with the acupuncture treatments. She also had to work some very long hours for me to fit me in and I am really pleased to say that the hard work has paid off because now I'm pregnant, just confirmed with the scan! All the thank yous in the world are not enough - so I hope the flowers make a good start! I'll be in touch!"

Anonymous, Hemel Hempstead