Depression, trying to concieve and trapped nerve, labour induction

"I was happy to meet such a professional as Lily and came back to her twice more with my problems. Also, I brought my mother for a consultation with Lily and a few acupuncture sessions.  I felt the results of the acupuncture after about a month or so since the beginning of treatment. Lily was the person who I could ask lots of medical questions about myself and my family and always got the advice from her. I stopped seeing Lily when I got pregnant, which was the second reason for visiting the clinic. The acupuncture helped me to become more relaxed and I started to believe in it even more. 

Second time I returned to the clinic to help me induce the labour and it started just 8 hours after the acupuncture session. 

Also, Lily helped me with the after birth complications when I couldn't walk due to the trapped nerve. Lily's professional massage and acupuncture sped up my recovery a lot. I had only about 4 sessions and felt better."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire