Help with unexplained fertility issues as well as weight loss and shoulder problems.

"It was a long road to becoming pregnant and I was advised acupuncture might be helpful. Lily's treatments really helped. Being diagnosed with 'unexplained' fertility issues is confusing and upsetting, and the focus, attention to detail and expertise provided by Lily in getting my body and cycle into balance, alongside her calm, reassuring manner really helped me to feel like progress was being made on what often felt like a relentless physical and emotional journey. As well as improving physical symptoms, the pace and style of Lily's treatment (relaxed but thorough and always happy to give clear and detailed explanations) instilled a sense of calm, maintained my positivity and really helped to prevent things becoming overwhelming. I continued my treatments through my pregnancy right up until the day before my planned C-section to help me cope with complications and ensure I went into hospital feeling serene and completely prepared. I cannot recommend Lily - and acupuncture - highly enough. Along the way, Lily also treated and improved a long-standing shoulder problem, and helped with weight loss."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire