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Help with conceiving when diagnosed with slim PCOS.

I had recently been diagnosed with slim pcos. After years of missed periods, a late miscarriage and such problems trying to conceive, I turned to acupuncture with a ‘why not’ type of attitude. I am a teacher, was living to work and somehow thought I would just fall pregnant in amongst my busy schedule. To put it into context - I missed my first appointment as I screeched up to the car park 30 minutes late as I had stayed late at school then hit traffic. 

Lily genuinely helped me realise what was happening. She is like a counsellor, top fertility consultant and massage therapist all in one. Just being in the room made me so calm- it made me realise how hectic other areas of my life were too.

I was seeing a fertility consultant at the time and was one step away from taking clomid and ovarian drilling. 

I came to Lily for fertility acupuncture.  Lily listened carefully, gave gentle advice and then started each session. It makes me so emotional to look back through our emails - gradually my periods returned, and unbelievably I fell pregnant naturally (I also took Inofolic which helped, I believe). 

The acupuncture worked for me - I know this sounds weird but I could feel the warmth inside me and I just knew that I was going to fall pregnant that month after my treatment. I honestly never thought this would be for me but if you have pcos and ttc, are stressed, frazzled, constantly Googling because western doctors’ answers just seems so extreme and scary, then I would say just try it! 

I’m breastfeeding my baby boy as I type this. I really, really, really didn’t think it would happen to me and it did. I cannot thank Lily enough for helping me reconnect with my body/nature. I am now a very proud, doting mother.

Thank you Lily. I will be forever grateful and sure that the last session before the positive test was the one that helped support the pregnancy and give me a PERFECT little baby boy. Xx

C.G., 34, Female, Teacher, Hertfordshire 

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Posted by Lily Lai.