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PCOS & hormone rebalancing (5 Stars)

“Lily has been a huge help in my journey to rebalance my hormones after being diagnosed with PCOS.

She is exceptionally knowledgable and made me feel at ease from the very first appointment.

I would highly recommend Lily and her services to anyone considering going down the Chinese Medicine route - it has made such a positive difference for me and my health.”

Emily Gosen, 5 stars

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Hormonal Imbalance & Thyroid and Liver Condition

"I have been suffering with the symptoms of my thyroid and liver condition for approximately three years now. I'd read a Zita West book about the benefits for people trying to conceive and was interested in trying acupuncture out.

I have experienced a feeling of calmness and relaxation from the acupuncture.  I also have better sleep and less anxiety as well as an uplifted mood. I've been impressed with the alternative information and advice that Lily's give me, extra to what my doctor may give me.  I like the ways she advises me to help myself with my lifestyle and diet.

I am even more impressed by how professional and how relevant the treatment and information from Lily is this time from when I last saw her 2 years ago."

Mrs D, Berkhamsted.

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Posted by Lily Lai.