Healthcare products page now available

Happy New Year!!  

To bring in 2017 we're launching a new section to the website in response to feedback that we've received from our patients.  

As part of our consultations, we're constantly speaking to patients about ways in which they can improve their health and wellbeing at home by incorporating certain foods, drinks or other products.  It has always been part of our philosophy that healthcare should be continuous and part of every day life and not just something that is "done to you" once a week.  Over the many years that we've been seeing patients we've collated a list of the most common products which patients have personally used and recommended.    

To make buying these products more convenient we've created a dedicated "Healthcare Products" section where you can quickly buy some of the most requested items that our patients have found useful. We'll receive a small proportion of the sale price, however the cost to you is the same as buying direct.

Please get in touch with us about other foods, drinks or products that you've found useful and which you would like to be able to buy for yourself in the future.  We will shortly be launching a recommended healthcare and wellbeing-related books section to this so do watch this space!

To check out the new "Healthcare Products" page, please click here.