Allergies, itching and Lichen Planopilaris / Graham Little syndrome

"Approximately 5-6 years ago I developed an oral Lichen Planus condition and more recently this developed into Lichen Planopilaris / Graham Little Syndrome. Predominant symptom being intense itching over the whole body. Eventual result has been loss of most body hair, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes and hair thinning on the scalp. It is not clear what caused the onset of the condition. 

Additionally since childhood I have suffered from severe allergic reactions to pollen (grass/trees), moulds, dust, animal hair, insect bites etc - hayfever, urticaria, anaphyaxsis

Due to the above and the fact that I also have an under-active thyroid I decided to try acupuncture to treat the itching and potentially stimulate self heeling process. Aiming to slow down the progression of the hair loss which with Lichen Planopilaris is permanent.

The sessions I had helped initially to reduce the itching and eventually reducing it to almost nothing which reduces the reliance on the steroid treatments."

Sue, 54, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Neck and back muscular spasms

"Very helpful! powerful Acupuncture treatment when done by a trained therapist like Lily Lai.  Lily also help to create greater awareness of my health, diet and lifestyle for my body type. ( Dampess and Heat)

Lily is inspiring, authentic and an expert in her field! She empowers a person to take better control of their health without being intrusive. 

I have recommended her to several people!"


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PainLily LaiNeck Pain, Back Pain
Posted by Lily Lai.
Infertility and IVF support

"We came to Lily after 4 unsuccessful IVf cycles and unexplained infertility. I was due to start 5th IVF cycle and wanted to give my body the best chance.

Lily was extremely knowledgeable, very calming and helpful. It helped me to relax and feel informed for my IVF treatment. Even though IVF was unsuccessful, my time with Lily was invaluable. It was like therapy , relaxation and she understood the jargon from my notes and was able to really advise and explain things clearly to me. "

A, 43, Boxmoor

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Back pain during pregnancy

"I suffer from a bad back and when I fell pregnant it got to the point I was in agony. Someone suggested I try acupuncture and after one session I felt very relaxed. Unfortunately I then had a holiday and couldn't have another session in a short space of time and think this would have helped. Due to pregnancy hormones I couldn't return for another session as my back got so bad I couldn't drive.

Lily was amazing, very informative and attentive. She explained everything and made me feel very relaxed as I was nervous to start since I  had not received acupuncture before. 

Lily was also most helpful with helping find alternative arrangements when I was unable to get to her. She researched other people I could try which I think is amazing. 

I will definitely be returning for more treatment once my baby has arrived."

N, 35, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Leg and back injury

"I have been dancing for many years, due to injury had to stop.

Then l found a leaflet for Lily and have never looked back!  l'm back dancing approximately 13 hours a week. Amazing!  I never thought l would ever dance again as it was a leg and back injury.

Lily Lai is a very professional, kind and caring person, l would certainty always go back to her."

Christine, 60, Book Keeper, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Stress, Anxiety & Allergies

"I have been to see Lily on 2 separate occasions. 

The first time was a couple of years ago due to feeling stressed, anxious and generally overwhelmed for a while. I had tried various natural therapies and had heard good things about acupuncture so thought I'd give it a try.

I then came to see Lily again 2 years later, around a year aged having my first son, due to hormonal imbalances causing lots of allergies. Within 2 sessions all of my symptoms had completely gone! Again, 

Lily is very friendly and welcoming and straight away made me feel comfortable. She offered lots of other advice during my consultation to try and incorporate alongside my acupuncture treatments. "

Ellie, 26, Student, London

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Endometriosis and IVF support

"I had used acupuncture when going through IVF and came to Lily when we moved from London to the local area.  Lily immediately put me at ease and her qualifications and expertise are second to none. 

After my pregnancy finished and I stopped breastfeeding, my endometriosis symptoms returned and I was experiencing heavy, irregular and painful periods. We were also hoping to conceive again and I wanted a practitioner who was an expert in fertility and treating pregnant women.

Lily's care was very helpful. Even a small number of sessions with Lily regulated my cycle.  I fell pregnant quickly when we began trying to conceive, but unfortunately experienced three consecutive miscarriages. 

Lily again helped my cycle return to normal after the miscarriages and then supported me in my current successful pregnancy (currently 31 weeks). I fell pregnant after returning to Lily for treatment in March.

Lily is an outstanding practitioner. I would recommend her (and have done) to anyone whose needs have not been met with treatment using Western medicine."

S, 40, Teacher, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Suffering from chronic sinusitis

"I can honestly say that for me accupuncture has changed my life!

Prior to treatment I felt unwell every day. I was finding the symptoms for a sinus problem very difficult to deal with every day. I tried every option I could think of. Even having surgery! When surgery failed I felt very deflated and thought there wouldn't be an end to it. I gave accupuncture a go as I was desperate and had exhausted all other options.

To my astonishment my symptoms began to go. After a course of accupuncture I felt amazed at how much better I was feeling. I am now able to keep symptoms at bay with an annual booster session as required. Treatments are relaxing and in a comfortable calm environment. I can not thank Lily enough and feel so grateful for all you have done for me. Thank you!!"

Nicola, 40, Hertfordshire 

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Neck pain

"I have had neck pain for a number of months - it was so bad that when getting out of bed I had to hold the side of my neck.

I am extremely happy with the quality of care I have and am receiving."

M, Teacher, 64, Hertfordshire. 

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PainLily LaiNeck Pain
Posted by Lily Lai.
Severe chronic pain from fibromyalgia and spinal degeneration

"I have suffered with severe chronic pain from fibromyalgia which was diagnosed in 2014. I was also diagnosed with spinal degeneration that was resulting in chronic low back pain.

I was genuinely amazed on my 1st appointment so effective this is for me . Such an amazing lady!

There's no improvements to be made . Excellent service relaxing and very warming"

Lisa, 48, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Trying to get pregnant and back muscle tension

'I was trying for a baby and was looking for support when I came to see Lily.  I had also been suffering from some tension in my back muscles.  

I had a positive experience and was pregnant after 3 sessions.  I found the care very good and professional - the only reason for not continuing was that I fell pregnant.'

A former patient

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Womens Health, PainLily Lai
Posted by Lily Lai.
Rhinitis, headaches, feeling 'under the weather', anxiety and indigestion

'I have been suffering with rhinitis for a number of years now, which has meant a blocked nose, headaches and generally feeling 'under the weather'. I don't like using medicated nasal sprays or taking medication on a regular basis.

I am so pleased that I made the decision to have acupuncture with Lily. I feel so much better not just for the acupuncture but also for the dietary modifications and lifestyle suggestions. They are becoming a very positive part of my life.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lily Lai and 'Acupuncture and Herbs' to other clients and also healthcare professionals. It has been a life changing experience for me. I feel so much better...sleeping more soundly, less tired and anxious, much improved digestion and a noticeable improvement in nasal congestion. I shall continue treatment as long as necessary to maximise the benefits.

I have found the acupuncture sessions with Lily to be enormously beneficial. I had never had acupuncture before but I am delighted with the outcome. In fact, it has been one of the best decisions in my life.

Although my main problem is rhinitis, I never realised how it linked it is to other problems that I had come to accept as 'normal'.....tiredness, difficulty in sleeping, anxiousness and indigestion. These are all now being resolved. Brilliant!!

I honestly don't think that the care I have received could be any better. Lily is very professional, competent, courteous and reassuring. I feel totally confident in her expertise.

Thank-you, Lily.'


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Posted by Lily Lai.
Bell's Palsy

'I had Bell's Palsy on two occasions and for each occasion, I had three treatments.  The care was amazing!!  I didn't need steroids for my Bell's Palsy as Lily had me back to normal after just 3 sessions!  I was stunned by the effect that it had and I managed on both occasions not to take medication that had lots of side effects because of Lily.'


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Posted by Lily Lai.
Persistent and frequent migraines

'I've had persistent/frequent migraines and sought Lily's help to see if acupuncture would be beneficial.

Lily's care is exceptional and she brings an intelligence to her work which is refreshing. Furthermore, she's a good listener, handles issues sensitively and always addresses the problem. I have every confidence that she always does her best. She never, ever stops trying to work out the best possible solution for her client. She is consistent. All my sessions have been delivered to the same high standard - nothing is overlooked. (I have received acupuncture from a number of other qualified professionals and found that this has not been the case). 

I have ongoing acupuncture as it's been a very helpful treatment for migraine. For me, it won't prevent it - however, it will enable the client, I believe, to manage the problem much better and more effectively.'

Julie, 58, Tring, Hertfordshire

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PainLily LaiMigraines, Headaches
Posted by Lily Lai.
Knee damage & irregular periods

"Very helpful. My knee was treated with acupuncture and moxibustion. My knee was also massaged. Lily also worked with me on exercises to further strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. I had previously had some physio but this had not helped my knee straighten out like it was able to after acupuncture. Once it was more comfortable to do this I was able to do more exercise and therefore help myself even more. I really began to get some confidence back using my knee. This is ongoing and I am still feeling the improvement. I have felt quite empowered to heal my knee since the treatment. It is an old injury and thought I really had reached a plateau with recovery. I was so pleased this was not the case. I was very interested in the difference of approach between here and the NHS - quite different. thank you.

I told Lily I had previously had some acupuncture to level my periods and she also took this into account at the same time to maintain this. I was sometimes feeling a bit stressed from work and college and again Lily helped with this.

We also discussed some ideas for changes/additions to my diet which were really helpful."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Period pain and fertility

"Lily is extremely knowledgeable and this instills confidence in the treatment that she provides. I have recommended her services to several friends and will continue to do so.

The treatment was very effective, my period pain, although did not disappear completely, was a lot more manageable.

I'm now 7 months pregnant through IVF and feel that the treatment I received in the lead up helped to create the right environment for me to achieve success."

Anonymous, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Help with unexplained fertility issues as well as weight loss and shoulder problems.

"It was a long road to becoming pregnant and I was advised acupuncture might be helpful. Lily's treatments really helped. Being diagnosed with 'unexplained' fertility issues is confusing and upsetting, and the focus, attention to detail and expertise provided by Lily in getting my body and cycle into balance, alongside her calm, reassuring manner really helped me to feel like progress was being made on what often felt like a relentless physical and emotional journey. As well as improving physical symptoms, the pace and style of Lily's treatment (relaxed but thorough and always happy to give clear and detailed explanations) instilled a sense of calm, maintained my positivity and really helped to prevent things becoming overwhelming. I continued my treatments through my pregnancy right up until the day before my planned C-section to help me cope with complications and ensure I went into hospital feeling serene and completely prepared. I cannot recommend Lily - and acupuncture - highly enough. Along the way, Lily also treated and improved a long-standing shoulder problem, and helped with weight loss."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Support & enhance fertility treatment outcomes.

"I consulted Lily regarding acupuncture treatment to support and enhance fertility treatment outcomes, and eventually had acupuncture over a couple of years or so. I found the acupuncture treatments together with Lily Lai's kind care, very helpful in terms of managing the process of fertility treatment both physically & mentally. It was also very useful to be able to discuss & consider fertility treatment with Lily Lai, as well as having some 'time out' from it during her treatment . I found Lily very knowledgeable about current fertility treatment.

Acupuncture treatment aided relaxation during a very stressful & traumatic period in my life. I had experienced infertility, failed fertility treatments as well as recurrent miscarriage.

Lily went on to support me with acupuncture treatment during a resulting twin pregnancy that produced 2 healthy babies!

I'm pleased to say that there was a very happy outcome. With very grateful thanks to Lily, who was very much part of the team. Keep up the good work."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.