Infertility (3 Years) & Stress

"A friend had just started treatments with Lily to treat her infertility and recommended her.  I had tried acupuncture before and hadn't been very comfortable with the practitioner but decided to try Lily anyway.

Lily was extremely professional from the very start. I felt she really cared about her work and her patients, and was very understanding and very thorough. She told me I would need at least 12 treatments - by the 9th week, I was pregnant!

The treatments made me feel better generally, my periods improved immediately as did my basal body temperatures.  It was an added benefit that she is a good listener and helped me work through the stress the infertility had caused.

I cannot recommend Lily highly enough, she helped me all through my pregnancy and I am sure the lifestyle changes she recommended helped me get pregnancy again very quickly - I now have two lovely boys!"

Mrs D, Aylesbury.