Maintaining pregnancy and handling anxiety and panic attacks.

"When I came to Lily, I was looking for additional support to help me sustain a pregnancy after suffering a stillbirth and miscarriages. These losses led to anxiety and panic attacks which I hoped acupuncture would also help me manage. I had Acupuncture before pregnancy and weekly during a successful pregnancy and again three years afterwards before and weekly throughout a second successful pregnancy.

The acupuncture, support and care I received through my pregnancies was extremely helpful. The anxiety I experienced due to previous losses was handled with such care and understanding and this anxiety was significantly reduced as a result of such care. Before acupuncture I had only known loss and sadness with respect to trying for a baby despite receiving medical help. I continued to use traditional medical help alongside acupuncture with my two successful pregnancies and am convinced that without acupuncture I may well not now be in the truly blessed position of being a mother to two children."

Anonymous, Hertfordshire