Struggling to conceive. Suspected PCOS (later confirmed)

"I was struggling to conceive and had suspected PCOS (later confirmed) and received Acupuncture from July 2014 - August 2015, herbal medicines for two-three months and moxibustion during some acupuncture sessions.

Thank you Lily - your caring, professional approach to my care helped me through a very difficult period of my life. I really looked forward to my acupuncture sessions each week, which ultimately helped us to have a baby. The only downside is I don't have time for acupuncture now I have a six month old to look after!!

The care and treatments were first class! We conceived our baby in December 2015 after six months of treatment (in parallel with NHS investigations). I am certain that the care and treatments I received were a big factor in regulating the symptoms of PCOS, ultimately enabling us to have a baby. As well as the herbs and acupuncture, which were tailored to complement the NHS investigations, Lily also recommended various other activities to complement the treatments - e.g yoga/meditation/dietary changes/walking etc. Having someone to talk to on a weekly basis also helped me to understand more about my condition and how I could relieve the symptoms. This holistic care and support was hugely beneficial to me from a mental health perspective as well as in supporting the treatment.

Once I was pregnant, I continued to have acupuncture sessions to support pregnancy, which I really enjoyed and found very relaxing.
I also suffered from back pain and the treatments were on occasion tailored to help with this and I found it very effective.

Finally, acupuncture definitely helped me to sleep better which had an overall benefit on my health and wellbeing.

Ultimately, I believe both the NHS and the TCM contributed to us being able to conceive and it would have been much easier if the NHS shared notes etc directly with Lily."

Anonymous, Hertfordshire