Allergies, itching and Lichen Planopilaris / Graham Little syndrome

"Approximately 5-6 years ago I developed an oral Lichen Planus condition and more recently this developed into Lichen Planopilaris / Graham Little Syndrome. Predominant symptom being intense itching over the whole body. Eventual result has been loss of most body hair, loss of eyebrows and eyelashes and hair thinning on the scalp. It is not clear what caused the onset of the condition. 

Additionally since childhood I have suffered from severe allergic reactions to pollen (grass/trees), moulds, dust, animal hair, insect bites etc - hayfever, urticaria, anaphyaxsis

Due to the above and the fact that I also have an under-active thyroid I decided to try acupuncture to treat the itching and potentially stimulate self heeling process. Aiming to slow down the progression of the hair loss which with Lichen Planopilaris is permanent.

The sessions I had helped initially to reduce the itching and eventually reducing it to almost nothing which reduces the reliance on the steroid treatments."

Sue, 54, Hertfordshire