Recurrent Miscarriage And Endometriosis

"After my pregnancy finished and I stopped breastfeeding, my endometriosis symptoms returned and I was experiencing heavy, irregular and painful periods.  I had used acupuncture previously when going through IVF and came to Lily when we moved from London to the local area.  We were hoping to conceive again and I wanted a practitioner who was an expert in fertility and treating pregnant women.

I began seeing Lily every couple of weeks and at various times of my cycle and have been seeing her since 2015.  She immediately put me at ease and her qualifications and expertise are second to none.  Her care was very helpful.  Even a small number of sessions with Lily regulated my cycle.  I fell pregnant quickly when we began trying to conceive, but unfortunately experienced three consecutive miscarriages.  Lily again helped my cycle return to normal after the miscarriages and then supported me in my current successful pregnancy (currently 31 weeks). 

Lily is an outstanding practitioner. I would recommend her (and have done) to anyone whose needs have not been met with treatment using Western medicine."

SC, female, 39, Hertfordshire