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Stress Related Stomach Pains, Nausea & Back Pain

"My stomach and digestive system problems have developed over the past four to five years in particular to do with stress. My back problems started from an accident at the age of thirteen which have become particularly bad over the past five to six years. Lily has treated me with Acupuncture, Ear Seed Acupressure and Herbal Medicine and I have seen a definite improvement in my stomach issues, particularly with respect to stopping the nausea that usually accompanies all my other symptoms. There has also been a distinct improvement in my moods and general stress levels which I think has helped greatly. The Acupuncture to help relieve my back pain has been stunningly effective!

From the start I have found Lily's attitude, procedures and literature to be of a very professional standard. Given my apprehension at receiving Acupuncture, I was amazed at how quickly I felt comfortable and relaxed during my first session. I have been very pleased with everything that I have seen to date and I feel that the service that I get is already well above average and carried out with a professional hand."

Anonymous, 25, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.