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PCOS & hormone rebalancing (5 Stars)

“Lily has been a huge help in my journey to rebalance my hormones after being diagnosed with PCOS.

She is exceptionally knowledgable and made me feel at ease from the very first appointment.

I would highly recommend Lily and her services to anyone considering going down the Chinese Medicine route - it has made such a positive difference for me and my health.”

Emily Gosen, 5 stars

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Help with conceiving when diagnosed with slim PCOS.

I had recently been diagnosed with slim pcos. After years of missed periods, a late miscarriage and such problems trying to conceive, I turned to acupuncture with a ‘why not’ type of attitude. I am a teacher, was living to work and somehow thought I would just fall pregnant in amongst my busy schedule. To put it into context - I missed my first appointment as I screeched up to the car park 30 minutes late as I had stayed late at school then hit traffic. 

Lily genuinely helped me realise what was happening. She is like a counsellor, top fertility consultant and massage therapist all in one. Just being in the room made me so calm- it made me realise how hectic other areas of my life were too.

I was seeing a fertility consultant at the time and was one step away from taking clomid and ovarian drilling. 

I came to Lily for fertility acupuncture.  Lily listened carefully, gave gentle advice and then started each session. It makes me so emotional to look back through our emails - gradually my periods returned, and unbelievably I fell pregnant naturally (I also took Inofolic which helped, I believe). 

The acupuncture worked for me - I know this sounds weird but I could feel the warmth inside me and I just knew that I was going to fall pregnant that month after my treatment. I honestly never thought this would be for me but if you have pcos and ttc, are stressed, frazzled, constantly Googling because western doctors’ answers just seems so extreme and scary, then I would say just try it! 

I’m breastfeeding my baby boy as I type this. I really, really, really didn’t think it would happen to me and it did. I cannot thank Lily enough for helping me reconnect with my body/nature. I am now a very proud, doting mother.

Thank you Lily. I will be forever grateful and sure that the last session before the positive test was the one that helped support the pregnancy and give me a PERFECT little baby boy. Xx

C.G., 34, Female, Teacher, Hertfordshire 

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Struggling to conceive. Suspected PCOS (later confirmed)

"I was struggling to conceive and had suspected PCOS (later confirmed) and received Acupuncture from July 2014 - August 2015, herbal medicines for two-three months and moxibustion during some acupuncture sessions.

Thank you Lily - your caring, professional approach to my care helped me through a very difficult period of my life. I really looked forward to my acupuncture sessions each week, which ultimately helped us to have a baby. The only downside is I don't have time for acupuncture now I have a six month old to look after!!

The care and treatments were first class! We conceived our baby in December 2015 after six months of treatment (in parallel with NHS investigations). I am certain that the care and treatments I received were a big factor in regulating the symptoms of PCOS, ultimately enabling us to have a baby. As well as the herbs and acupuncture, which were tailored to complement the NHS investigations, Lily also recommended various other activities to complement the treatments - e.g yoga/meditation/dietary changes/walking etc. Having someone to talk to on a weekly basis also helped me to understand more about my condition and how I could relieve the symptoms. This holistic care and support was hugely beneficial to me from a mental health perspective as well as in supporting the treatment.

Once I was pregnant, I continued to have acupuncture sessions to support pregnancy, which I really enjoyed and found very relaxing.
I also suffered from back pain and the treatments were on occasion tailored to help with this and I found it very effective.

Finally, acupuncture definitely helped me to sleep better which had an overall benefit on my health and wellbeing.

Ultimately, I believe both the NHS and the TCM contributed to us being able to conceive and it would have been much easier if the NHS shared notes etc directly with Lily."

Anonymous, Hertfordshire

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Posted by Lily Lai.
Miscarriage, Ovarian Cyst and Fertility

"Prior to seeing Lily, I had suffered from a miscarriage which resulted in irregular periods.  I also had ovarian cysts over a period of 2-3 months before I had my first appointment with Lily.  

I wanted to try to conceive again following my miscarriage but was advised to put this on hold whilst I waited for the cysts to shrink.  I was advised to wait for 3 months and decided to contact Lily to see if Chinese medicine could shrink the cysts without waiting for the whole 3 months.  I also wanted to get my cycles regular so that I could try again and also to try and stop another miscarriage.

Within 3 months, the ovarian cysts shrank and I had this confirmed by having a scan.  My cycles reverted back to 28 days and I was pregnant within 3 months of starting the Chinese medicine.  I stayed on the medication until I was 17 weeks pregnant which I feel went a long way to help avoid a miscarriage.

I liked the consultations as Lily involved my input into the treatments and we therefore made joint decisions on how to proceed, taking into considering my preferences and also what would be easy for me to achieve/adhere to.  Thanks for all your help Lily."


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Posted by Lily Lai.