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Help with pelvic floor pain

I was suffering from pelvic floor pain and our GP was not particularly helpful. After some research, I realised I needed to see a physio. I found a lady who did deep tissue massage which helped (but did not resolve all pain issues) and left me with unpleasant detox effects. I needed more help from someone I knew and trusted. As I had been a patient of Lily in the past, I sought her help. A session of acupuncture sorted out most of the remaining pain which was probably due to a knotted abdominal muscle. Lily then said that I needed to have more treatment from a physio and I subsequently found a lady physio who specialised in pelvic floor pain. I always happily seek Lily's advice and help as I trust her implicitly, she is compassionate and very knowledgeable. Lily has helped me with skin problems in the past and was a great help with the pelvic floor pain. God bless you Lily!

W.M., 59, Female, Retired teacher, Hemel Hempstead

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Posted by Lily Lai.