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Joint & Muscle Pain

"I had a lot of un-diagnosed joint and muscle pains since June 2005 (and the doctors thought it might be rheumatoid arthritis but there was a considerable wait to see a specialist). Being very scared of needles I visited Lily as a last resort. The pain killers that the doctors were prescribing were not having any effect and I was desperate. The Osteopath that I visited also thought that it might help.

Lily was very calm and reassuring, explaining exactly what was going to happen. She was very gentle and constantly checked that I was ok.

Within five days of my first treatment I was able to walk up stairs without crying and I also stopped taking the pain killers.

At a later date I mentioned some digestive problems and these are much better now after one treatment. I also do not sleep very well and get headaches but these are now gradually improving. I have also had an acupressure treatment which I found wonderfully relaxing."

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Posted by Lily Lai.