Persistent and frequent migraines

'I've had persistent/frequent migraines and sought Lily's help to see if acupuncture would be beneficial.

Lily's care is exceptional and she brings an intelligence to her work which is refreshing. Furthermore, she's a good listener, handles issues sensitively and always addresses the problem. I have every confidence that she always does her best. She never, ever stops trying to work out the best possible solution for her client. She is consistent. All my sessions have been delivered to the same high standard - nothing is overlooked. (I have received acupuncture from a number of other qualified professionals and found that this has not been the case).

I have ongoing acupuncture as it's been a very helpful treatment for migraine. For me, it won't prevent it - however, it will enable the client, I believe, to manage the problem much better and more effectively.'

Julie, 58, Tring, Hertfordshire