Knee damage & irregular periods

"Very helpful. My knee was treated with acupuncture and moxibustion. My knee was also massaged. Lily also worked with me on exercises to further strengthen the muscles surrounding my knee. I had previously had some physio but this had not helped my knee straighten out like it was able to after acupuncture. Once it was more comfortable to do this I was able to do more exercise and therefore help myself even more. I really began to get some confidence back using my knee. This is ongoing and I am still feeling the improvement. I have felt quite empowered to heal my knee since the treatment. It is an old injury and thought I really had reached a plateau with recovery. I was so pleased this was not the case. I was very interested in the difference of approach between here and the NHS - quite different. thank you.

I told Lily I had previously had some acupuncture to level my periods and she also took this into account at the same time to maintain this. I was sometimes feeling a bit stressed from work and college and again Lily helped with this.

We also discussed some ideas for changes/additions to my diet which were really helpful."

A Former Patient, Hertfordshire