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Neck and back muscular spasms

"Very helpful! powerful Acupuncture treatment when done by a trained therapist like Lily Lai.  Lily also help to create greater awareness of my health, diet and lifestyle for my body type. ( Dampess and Heat)

Lily is inspiring, authentic and an expert in her field! She empowers a person to take better control of their health without being intrusive. 

I have recommended her to several people!"


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PainLily LaiNeck Pain, Back Pain
Posted by Lily Lai.
Neck pain

"I have had neck pain for a number of months - it was so bad that when getting out of bed I had to hold the side of my neck.

I am extremely happy with the quality of care I have and am receiving."

M, Teacher, 64, Hertfordshire. 

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PainLily LaiNeck Pain
Posted by Lily Lai.
Neck & Back Pain

"I had read articles about acupuncture saying that it was very beneficial to neck and back pain so I decided to give it a go. I've been getting neck stiffness and pain and back pain for 10 years now. I also got headaches and felt sick with the pains. After the treatments with Lily, my headaches stopped, my muscles loosened and the pain had decreased - I generally felt a lot better after the treatments."

Miss B, Berkhamsted

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Posted by Lily Lai.